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Brand Strategy & Consulting

A Collision of Creativity and Consulting.

At MESH, we help our clients build robust brand marketing strategies that get results. Request a free consultation for your brand strategy today. 

Strategy Sets the Stage

Because smart headlines and eye candy won’t get the job done by themselves, strategy always comes first. With the right foundation from which to leverage your brand, it’s time to find a team of people who can provide trusted support and offer guidance when decisions about your brand need to be made. MESH goes beyond the typical advertising agency and marketing firm and helps businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies find a strategy for true growth. We rely on research-driven advertising insights as well as marketing leadership to help businesses reach their customers and, in turn, reach their goals. For us, strategy is a beautiful collision of creativity and consulting. It’s how we find the right way to connect key insights for developing strategies and creative products that help deliver positive results–because at the end of the day, if our clients don’t grow, neither do we.

If you are ready for a marketing brand strategy that drives your success, contact us today for a free consultation. We work with companies in Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and more.

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How We Mesh

Your brand’s success depends on having the right brand strategy. At MESH, we are here to set you up for success. Whether you’re a startup looking to make a splash or an established brand seeking a fresh perspective, we are here to propel your business forward. See how we can help. 

Brand Marketing Strategy

Our team will help you define your brand’s mission and core values. Then we will create a brand strategy that communicates your unique story to your target audience. Our goal is to ensure your audience falls in love with your brand. 

Marketing and Advertising Strategy 

Once we have built your brand strategy, we will help you build solid marketing campaigns that reach your target audience across all platforms. This can include an ad strategy, a content marketing strategy, a social media strategy, and more. 

Crafting Compelling Stories That Build Fans of Your Brand

Stories sell, and we are here to help you take advantage of your brand’s unique story to drive more sales. We’ll help you show your clients that your values align with theirs and why you are the right choice for their needs. 

Harness the Power of Data-Driven Strategy 

At MESH, we believe in the power of data to get results. After we craft your campaigns, we will monitor them closely and tweak them so your results get even better over time. 

Get an Out of This World ROI

At MESH, we’re not satisfied with mediocre results. Our goal is to deliver mind-blowing ROI. Our strategies, campaigns, and expertise are designed to maximize your investment and supercharge your profitability. 

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Here’s How We Build a Brand Marketing Strategy

From the coffee pot to the conference room, these values are how we live everywhere we go because they’re a foundational part of who we are.

Step 1Discovery & Research

We dive deep into your brand and your industry, analyzing it all from top-to-bottom to learn everything we possibly can. Your brand becomes ours.

Step 2Strategy & Planning

We use everything that we learn to outline a brand strategy that sets you apart from everybody else.

Step 3Ideation

It could be an integrated marketing campaign or a boots-on-the-ground initiative, but with a plan in place, your brand strategy is brought to life as we dream up the strategy-driven pieces that make it sing.

Step 4Implementation

We take everything we’ve put together, wind it all up and go to market in accordance to the implementation plan built upon our initial strategic insights.

Step 5Measurement & Reporting

Once everything is live, our job isn’t over – it’s only just beginning. We continue to iterate and improve based on the data we collect along the way, making sure that your brand strategy evolves in the way that makes the most sense for your brand and your consumers.

What’s a Brand Strategy Cost These Days?

At MESH, we offer custom brand and advertising strategies for businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies. If you’re ready to get started then we’d love to connect and get to know you a little bit better!

Transform Your Brand Strategy and Your Bottom Line.

If you are ready to move the needle in your business, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our brand strategies and ad strategies in Baton Rouge, Atlanta, and beyond. 

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