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When We Mesh,
We Create Brand Velocity.

We’re an innovative integrated marketing agency with a passion for partnership and brand growth.

Recent Work

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Family enjoying their Belgard outdoor living space. Mother and father sitting next to a fire pit while kids enjoy reading a book in a tent.


Room for Days

A Gabby interior designer sketching a custom upholstered piece of furniture.

Our Services


Insight-driven planning uses data and consumer insights to shape a brand’s future. It goes beyond traditional marketing strategies to create personalized experiences for customers. Brands can use data to create successful campaigns and products, stay ahead, and succeed in the marketplace for the long term.


Our impact goes beyond just capturing attention – we drive real growth for Baton Rouge brands. Through our innovative approaches and effective tactics, we help our clients achieve their goals and see tangible results. We help businesses grow by increasing sales, reaching more people, and making their brand known.


One of MESH’s greatest strengths is our ability to bring brands to life online. Over the years, our process has evolved to create successful online experiences and engaging social media content, Using a technology-driven yet human-centered approach helps clients be more successful. Our goal is to build brands that are successful now and adaptable for the future marketplace.

We guarantee an obsessive focus on your success.

We dedicate ourselves to helping brands grow by providing creative marketing solutions that achieve successful outcomes through partnership. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique brand identity and target audiences. We build close relationships with clients to make personalized marketing plans that match their goals and help their brand grow.

Our team of experienced marketers dedicate themselves to delivering results for our clients. We utilize a combination of full-service traditional and digital media buying techniques to reach and engage with consumers effectively. We help our clients reach their marketing goals by creating memorable ad campaigns and engaging digital experiences.

At MESH, we understand that every brand is different and requires a tailored approach to marketing. We research market trends, consumer behavior, and competitor strategies to help our clients stand out in a crowded marketplace. We want to help our clients create a strong brand that connects with their target audience and helps their business grow.

MESH is not just an ad agency.

We are a partner to Baton Rouge businesses.