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Media Planning and Placement

Reaching the Right People

Attract New Customers and Reach Existing Ones With Our Strategic Media Planning and Placement Services.

Get the Right Message to the Right People at the Right Time.

Understanding exactly where your target audience lives in the media space is the most critical part of successful media planning and placement. From their favorite social media platforms to their go-to spot for video streaming, you need to ensure you’re hitting the right people at the right time and with the right message to capitalize. And, as those habits change, it’s important to continue evolving your media planning and placement strategy right along with them.

MESH is an advertising agency in Louisiana that works with businesses in the South and beyond. With a process that’s driven by our proven, strategic approach, we help your business receive maximum exposure while leaving a lasting impression on your current and potential customers. 

Our media planning team is an extension of your brand – becoming experts in your business, industry and market to best help you succeed. Reach out to our Louisiana office today to book a consultation. 

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Our Approach to Media Planning and Placement

The right media mix plus the right message is what makes sure that you stay ahead of the competition. Build brand velocity and increase brand engagement with a game-changing, strategically-sound MESH media plan.


First, MESH digs in to evaluate your business and how it stacks up against competitors. From there, we develop a strategy-driven plan that accentuates your brand’s strengths and takes advantage of market opportunities.

Platform Analysis

Without making sure your message is in the right place, it doesn’t matter what that message is. That’s why we analyze your target audience to determine what channels and platforms intersect with their behaviors to maximize your brand’s engagement and your plan’s ROI.

Price Negotiation

Because of our relationships with media partners, our media planners work diligently to get the best price possible for placements, keeping your costs low and your returns high.

Content Creation

To fill your placements, our creative team builds a campaign and assets that captivate your audience and work natively within the media spaces where they spend the most time. Every piece of content is built to link back to your brand, key messages and differentiators, setting you apart from the rest of your competitors and resonating with your audience.


Results drive everything that we do, making reporting a crucial final step. We’ll synthesize all relevant data in an easy-to-understand report that shows you the results. By understanding and analyzing and walking you through the information, we’re able to optimize future placements and increase effectiveness as we continue to iterate. 

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Our Proven Process

Step 1Get in Touch

The first step is to schedule a consultation with our media planning team. This is where we’ll assess your needs and dig into any current media efforts.

Step 2Get Strategic

Next, our team will pop the hood to learn all about your business and what you’re trying to achieve through media planning. The information we gain here will act as our north star as we develop your strategic plan.

Step 3Get Your Goals

From national outlets to local publications, MESH and our team of media planners will leverage our strong media relationships to fulfill your media plan in ways that will help accomplish your goals.

So, What Do Media Planning Services Cost These Days?

The cost of our media planning and placement services depends on a range of factors, including:

  • The project scope
  • Final choice of media platforms and channels
  • Your advertising budget
  • The cost of media
  • Seasonality

Once we assess all of the above, we’ll provide you with a clear and detailed cost associated with your plan. When you work with MESH, your goals are our goals – because we succeed together as partners. That’s why we focus on ensuring you achieve maximum results on your dollars spent.

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