Treatment Changes Everything

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Baton Rouge General has served Baton Rouge and surrounding areas with specialty care for generations. On the cutting-edge of medical innovation and advancement, the hospital system hosts three campuses that include an acclaimed Regional Burn Center, award-winning cancer center and notable heart programs.


When faced with a cancer diagnosis, many Baton Rouge residents feel compelled to travel to renowned out-of-state institutions for treatment. However, what they don’t realize is that Baton Rouge General Penington Cancer offers cutting-edge care and world-class expertise right in their own community. 

Focused groups conducted at the onset of the project revealed that patients and loved ones would prefer to receive quality treatment in a familiar environment and compassionate care that reflects the diverse makeup of their community.


Imagine receiving cancer treatment close to home without the need to travel long distances, spend time away from loved ones, or face the unknown. Our concept is designed to leverage the advantages of providing treatment to the Baton Rouge community, giving doctors and patients the opportunity to be featured and share their success stories. Our campaign is centered on the idea that receiving cancer treatment close to home can change everything. With this foundation, the MESH team created an integrated campaign comprised of broadcast television and radio, out-of-home, print, and social media content.


Through this brand awareness campaign, The Baton Rouge Pennington Cancer Center truly shines as a beacon of hope for those navigating a cancer diagnosis. As a result of client and agency efforts, the Center has solidified its presence in the Baton Rouge community as a premier provider of quality and compassionate care close to home.