Transforming the Public Sector

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A strategy-first approach that communicated Civix's extensive expertise and people-focused approach to technology.


Civix, a software and service company with a focus on transforming the public sector, had recently gone through a massive rebranding effort that combined 4 different brands that had been acquired over multiple years. MESH was engaged to help handle the digital transformation and execute merging these websites into one. The brand was also challenged with reorganizing into a new focus on customer solutions instead of discreet verticals based around software functions. After performing a digital ecosystem analysis we discovered that there were multiple challenges with site speed, search engine optimization, and brand messaging amongst all the disparate brands. The greatest challenge was how to communicate that this new brand, Civix, was actually a 40 year plus veteran in the public sector.


MESH developed a strategy-first approach that would communicate Civix’s extensive expertise and dedication to customers as well as their people-focused, forward-thinking approach to technology. Their software tools were reorganized into solutions that had both software and services at the core of their offerings. New headline messaging was developed to convey the solution, not the function of their many software platforms. A new clean and modern design help to elevate the brand to compete with its modern counterparts in the industry. Also new enhanced website editing functionality was added to their WordPress CMS which allowed for more flexibility and ease to create content for their internal team.