Furniture Delivered Directly to Inboxes

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Creating a system designed to reach countless people with stories and curated content about exquisite furniture they can’t find anywhere else.


As purveyors of luxury indoor and outdoor furniture, Gabby and Summer Classics needed an email strategy overhaul: platform migration, fresh content, increased engagement, and architecture for high-send volume and frequent promos. More than anything, they needed help standing out in inboxes, especially within the saturated online furniture market.


We utilized A/B testing, plus email and website engagement data to better balance content the subscribers valued. For their retail audience, we restructured their templates and assigned each of their three weekly sends with a unique purpose: promotional, editorial, and lead generation. MESH helped Gabby and Summer Classics migrate to a new email platform more tightly integrated with their CRM platform for more accurate customer engagement data and more refined segmentation opportunities. The effort included a strategic IP warming process to ensure loyal customers as well as email providers experience no deliverability issues during the migration. 

In an effort to stimulate brand engagement outside of the weekly sends, we implemented multiple email journeys to speak to their audiences where they were. This includes a welcome email series to new subscribers, an email to in-store purchasers asking them to subscribe to the newsletter, post-event emails for wholesale and contract event attendees asking them to subscribe to the newsletters, and more. On the scheduling front, we brought an entire team to the table – executing advanced, monthly content planning, which helped us better plan and execute the high volume of emails.


Key Metrics

  • Over 13.6 million emails sent
  • Average open rate increase: +172%
  • Average click rate increase: +197.5%

MESH helped Gabby and Summer Classics view content strategy and development in a new way – allowing them to better plan and organize their emails. We updated their email templates and segmented their audience list, resulting in a transition from one brand template to four different brand-specific templates . These newly crafted templates were designed to align with each brand’s identity and cater more effectively to specific audiences.