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Artfully telling the story of the heart, soul and craftsmanship that goes into a single piece of furniture.


Summer Classics and Gabby Furniture make exceptional indoor and outdoor furniture. Historically leveraging a showroom experience to sell their furniture, they needed a new way to preview their full line of products on a digital platform. The Livable Luxury campaign was an answer to a pivot in their traditional business model and sought to forge a similar intimate, authentic connection with consumers who weren’t able to visit showrooms and stores.


A Finely Crafted Brand

Through cinematic storytelling, we completely transformed the way consumers see and engage with our clients. We were able to share the authenticity of the craftsmen that pour everything they have into each handcrafted piece of furniture. “The Art of Upholstery” helped to reinvent the way people see luxury furniture, and both distinguish and define the brand’s “why”. We exhibited the care that goes into each piece alongside intentional, choreographed visuals and a soft, ambient voiceover which helped further tell the story and showcase a new year’s collection.


Sales Soared.

We supported the video content with a renewed e-mail campaign for both Gabby (the indoor brand) and Summer Classics (the outdoor brand). 

Open rates increased by more than 65%, and the average order value for online retail sales increased by 25%. With a nearly 215% increase in total email revenue in just six months, and a shelf full of hardware including a best-in-show, our campaign was as well received as the furniture was well crafted.