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Great Brand Development Makes a Lasting Impact

Better brand development is what sets you apart from the rest. Let us build you a brand that gives your business some real velocity and builds a connection with consumers.

Real Brand Development Backed by Strategy

Good brand development is so much more than just designing a logo, it’s about creating an entire brand story that helps you stand out and connect with your audience. Without a clear, concise and consistent brand strategy, it’s impossible to build a truly loyal brand following and keep your brand from ever getting out of first gear.

With more than 20 years of creating successful brands, our team will help your business build velocity in an ever-growing and increasingly crowded market. Every brand we build is supported by these four pillars that make up an impactful brand:

  • Design: A carefully crafted visual identity that represents who you are and what you represent.
  • Position: A uniquely defined spot in the marketplace that helps you reach new and existing consumers in a way that really resonates.
  • Message: A clear and concise north star that brings consistency and clarity across all channels.
  • Tone: A verbal style that ensures your brand voice is defined, strong and clear regardless of who it comes from.

When these four foundational pieces come together, it has a transformational effect on businesses and brands. Whether your brand is in need of a refresh or needs to be built from the ground up, these are the pieces that ensure the brands we build drive results and make a difference.

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We Build Brands That Stand Out

In everything that we do, we go all in. This helps us create more intimate and impactful work, and it runs through every phase of our branding process:

Step 1Discovery

We take a deep dive into every aspect of your brand. Through this important initial step we can better understand its values, key differentiators, and how we can capitalize on all of that to build a truly remarkable brand.

Step 2Alignment

Whether you’re in need of a fully built-out brand or an exploration in messaging, we’ll tailor align on what would have the most impact on your brand and ensure the work we do reflects you and your team while connecting with key audiences.

Step 3Development

Based on your insights and our own competitive research, we get to work building out your brand. Through this phase, we’ll explore several different directions and present options for further refinement as we work collaboratively with you to create something that will make waves in the market.

Step 4 Implementation

Once development is done, it’s time to flip the switch. From social media accounts to business cards and more, we’ll get to work rolling out the new brand at every possible consumer touchpoint.

Ready? Let’s Build You a Brand.

Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, MESH is a collaborative and creative partner to businesses all across the South and beyond. Connect today and let’s talk about how we can work together to bring real velocity to your brand.

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