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Redefining the word "room" and empowering homeowners to make the most of every square foot.


In 2020, the pandemic forever changed the way we see our homes. At the height of it all, homes became classrooms, offices, gyms and so much more. The problem? Fitting it all inside. Belgard sought our help to create a way that leveraged their technology and taste-defining product selection to empower the everyday homeowner.


Enter Belgard Rooms.

Belgard Rooms

Our goal was to create an online tool that took the guesswork out of conceptualizing an outdoor space. We designed a thoughtful, user-focused front-end experience that allowed homeowners and contractors alike to envision a 3D-rendered room matching their very own style and space. With just a few clicks, our Belgard Rooms Planner lets consumers curate their personalized recommendations.

But it didn’t stop there. We added AR functionality to further eliminate any guesswork, making it so users are just a tap away from truly envisioning the space right in their own backyard. From cozy, fireside seating to spacious entertaining, inspiration and customization abound.


Supported by a national media campaign, Rooms exploded.

With more than 382k views in 2020 and more than 1,000 new leads, the Belgard Rooms initiative opened up new avenues of business yet to be explored and resulted in a 28% year-over-year increase in lead generation for the brand. After launching, we continued to dig into the analytics and further fine-tune the user experience with a focus on the types of outdoor spaces people were looking for.