Building a Better Website

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Designing a customer-focused UX/UI to serve those who build the world better.


GCP is a leading global provider of construction products and and their website failed to convey the size and scope of their company. Their current site also presented challenges for users trying to find detailed product information and downloads. Messaging across the site also felt very functional and didn’t speak to the aspiration tone of where the companies new voice was heading. Lastly, they recognized the growing need for greater accessibility to ensure their site was serving a diverse user base.


By examining heatmap data, traffic and user recordings we determined that the current needs of the user were not being met by their previous navigation. Working with various GCP teams we develop a new structure that better reflected how their products were organized that also helped to show the breadth of the companies solutions. Their current document library user interface was redesigned to allow for easier sorting and filtering.


After site launch the site saw a 10% increase in users year over year as well as a decrease in the overall session duration helping to shorten the time people spent looking for the resources they needed.