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Championing those that live and work across Louisiana.


Every company needs a purpose—a reason for being that is greater than any one individual. LWCC’s  (Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation) purpose is to help Louisiana thrive. It is a privilege for the people of LWCC to work daily to better their home State, one business and one worker at a time. 

LWCC is a model single-state, private mutual workers’ comp company that promotes safety, security, and stability in Louisiana.


‘Louisiana Loyal’ is more than just a tagline—it’s a movement born out of LWCC’s unwavering commitment to supporting Louisiana’s business owners and workers. It is a desire to continue to help Louisiana thrive while inspiring others to join in this effort to elevate this great State to new heights.

To bring ‘Louisiana Loyal’ to life, the MESH team crafted a logo mark that fuses LWCC’s corporate identity with one of Louisiana’s most recognizable images, the pelican. As Louisiana’s state bird, the pelican is a powerful symbol of progress and improvement. It embodies our commitment to stewardship and enhancing the lives of all Louisianians.

The stripes on the pelican’s wings represent excellence and a commitment to safety—two values that LWCC takes seriously. This visual representation was created to serve as a constant reminder and a source of inspiration for other Louisiana businesses, organizations, and citizens to elevate this beloved State.

In addition to the logo mark, MESH also developed supporting materials, including an anthem video and onboarding packages for employees and community partners. 


The collaborative relationship led to an award-winning concept, campaign, brand, and LWCC, the launch of a private foundation that funded over $1.1 million dollars in grant programs across the state. The foundations also became a support to the greater needs of the state in the wake of COVID-19, further demonstrating the brand’s new position and commitment to being Louisiana Loyal.

Client Testimonial

“MESH has always demonstrated high ethical standards by respecting our vision and mission and ensuring that our core principles shine through in everything they create for us. MESH is extremely well known as a great business partner as well as creative force in the community.”

John Hawie, Senior Vice President/Chief Strategy and Investment Officer, LWCC