Slow Down, Stay Awhile

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Encouraging locals to share meaningful experiences over artisanal bread and bites.


Coming out of the pandemic Easy Tiger, an Austin-based bake shop and beer garden, needed to drive more interest and traffic to their local restaurants. They had already developed strong brand recognition with a heavy-hitting roster of restaurants and grocers like H-E-B and Whole Foods serving their bread and pastries, but they wanted to drive a culture where people would slow down to share a meal together in person. They needed a website that reflected their brand and highlighted each location’s individual character and vibe.


Starting with a digital audit and conducting on-site interviews with store managers and locals, we discovered that each restaurant had unique characteristics that made it a local favorite. We focused efforts on creating strong landing pages for each location highlighting their amenities and beautiful outdoor seating areas. Adding a strong calendar of events, a custom bread and food menu plugin we helped to keep their site engaging and fresh for users looking for relaxing place to enjoy a moment with friends and family.


In the first year after launching the new Easy Tiger site they experienced almost a million views and had a website engagement rate over 70%.