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Taking care of savers and spenders, taking care of rainy days, taking care of community. Community Bank of Louisiana does it all.


Despite the challenging events of 2020, CBLA remains dedicated to their customers, providing essential Paycheck Protection Program loans and prioritizing a safe and welcoming in-branch banking experience. As technology evolves, CBLA ensures that banking remains simple and straightforward for customers, without sacrificing connection and personalized service. With the convenience of online and mobile banking, customers can manage their finances anytime, anywhere, but can still count on expert support from real people whenever they need it. 


With the help of animated characters, Greg and Jim, CBLA’s banking message was delivered with cleverness and humor to stand out from the typical ads in the market. Our focus on personalized banking and technology to enhance the customer experience was emphasized in all marketing campaigns executions, whether it be in-branch or online. Using a multi-channel approach, including TV, radio, digital, print, and social media, CBLA achieved its targeted goals. 


Campaign efforts yielded over 5 million impressions and more than 43,000 website visits to CBLA’s website. Combined efforts (MESH and CBLA) helped secure 1,400+ new loans and 2,000+ new checking accounts opened.