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Greetings from MESH!


It’s a new year and with it comes change and knowledge gained from experiences that we’ve had together over the last few years…and what a ride these last few years have been!

As I told the team here at MESH, I’m more encouraged than ever. We’ve learned how to work through some really challenging times and we are prepared more than ever for what is to come in 2022.

One area of opportunity we are excited about is helping to enhance connections–the connections people have with brands, and connections people have with others. Connections are more important than ever. Offering engaging content and endearing brand connections is truly the future of our industry.

With that in mind, the advertising vertical is set to have a banner year based on retail and other businesses relying more and more on their digital footprint. So many important connections are being made with brands via digital marketing, and here at MESH, leading with authentic connections in online contenthas become second nature.

I’m excited as ever to continue to build our connection this year, and I hope you and your teams have a wonderful 2022.

Above and beyond,