8 Examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Workplace

MESH, a Baton Rouge-based strategic marketing firm, and Not Rocket Science (NRS), a Covington, Louisiana-based software cognitive business solution development firm, have built “Branded Bots,” artificial intelligence applications that aim to deliver brand personality through various channels and platforms such as Alexa, Cortana, Siri, IBM Watson, mobile apps, websites and social media. “Our goal is to take a job, order or manufacture from pre-production and proposal through billing with AI technology.” said Taylor Bennett, CEO and Founder of MESH. The example they offer is a bot they’ve developed that focuses on software integration and operations, linking together project management, time tracking and CRM systems.

One user of their technology is Milo Ag, an agricultural company that provides producers access to cognitive solutions, natural language interfaces and blockchain. Milo is their cognitive natural language personal assistant who is an informed expert on trading, options, regulations, compliance, transportation, crop insurance, financing, agronomy, machinery, farm programs, weather, news and more. Milo’s goal is to help guide producers and their employees to make the best decisions.

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