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Why PR Must be Part of the Launch Strategy

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Your marketing list is checked off for your product launch, right? Not exactly. One function you cannot leave out of the mix is PR. You’ll need smart communication tactics to tell the world about your product or business and maintain their interest for years to come.

Here are basic PR tactics you’ll want to make sure are covered in your plan, as well as some out-of-the-box ideas that will make an even bigger splash in today’s crowded media space.

Your basics:

  • Press Release – yes, this is the “OG” of all PR tactics, but it remains an important resource for media, who you want to tell the world your story.
  • Media materials – who are your spokespeople? What credentials do they have? What are the facts about your product, and your brand? Materials like bios and fact sheets educate reporters about your product and who is fit to help tell your story.
  • Media outreach set aside time to build relationships with reporters who cover your industry, set up in-person meetings with them to introduce your product.
  • Product experiences – work product sampling into your plan so that reporters can experience firsthand why your product is noteworthy.

Make a bigger splash:

  • Host a launch event – this can be as intimate or public as you want (or as budget allows); from a private media event in your office to a full-blown branded festival experience, there are many ways to bring your launch to life.
  • Commission a study – partner with a reputable research firm to help survey relevant audiences; this will enable you to create (share, and control) real headlines.
  • Pull off a stunt – break a world record, and alert the media!
  • Celebrate a charitable partnership – support an organization that aligns with your mission and move people to join you.
  • Get creative with influencers – who are your target audiences, and are they engaging on social media? Reach them by leveraging recommendations from influencers they engage with as a way to encourage engagement and grow brand credibility.

Looking past the launch

By checking all your boxes, including an engaging PR strategy, your launch plan should be a success. But your work is not done. A consistent outreach and engagement effort must be maintained in order to keep your brand and message top of mind among consumers and media, as well as to support building new relationships.

A proactive, strategic PR team can do all this for you and more. Curious how PR can support your launch efforts? Email me at [email protected].