Creating a Path to Purchase in the Building Material Category

by Taylor Bennett

In 2003, the year MESH was founded, we were able to start right out of the gate working with consumer-facing building material brands. Since then, we’ve partnered with some of the largest companies in the category and start-ups alike. What we’ve found throughout the years is that a fundamental consumer path-to-purchase exists no matter the brand or its size. As long as the communications material is in some way selling to the consumer these steps work well in creating this path-to-purchase.


Open the consumers’ mind to the world of possibilities. Through messaging, technology, content, collateral and campaigns, the goal is to let the consumer dream about what their space, couch, kitchen, walls, home facade, etc could be. Nine times out of 10 we are executing this step through an advertising program.


Make the consumer aware of both the applications the product can accomplish and the different shapes, colors and textures that the product has to offer. Collateral, website, social media, video, voice and in-store displays are some of the tactics that best present the material.


Inform the consumer about the products in greater detail. If it’s a fabric, how does one take care of it? If it’s wood flooring, what are the steps to install it? For windows, what is the warranty if an owner sees fog between the panes? The goal is to remove consumer anxiety by answering questions before they are asked. This puts the consumer at ease and shows that you are an expert who has it well thought out and taken care of. Catalogs, content marketing, public relations and social media are all good tactics for this step.


Create opportunities for consumers to take action while maintaining an open line of communication. Social media is a great tool for this along with in-store demonstrations, installations, and content marketing.


Whether you’re selling online, through the big box stores or a dealer network, you’ve got to close the deal. For some, this means relying on your own reps and for others, it’s relying on in-store clerks and dealers who are carrying competing products. For clerks and dealers ask yourself, how is my brand adding value to their sales process? Some tactics that can help with this include co-op advertising programs, developing a label that helps the clerk walk through the sale, educational in-store displays, and a robust YouTube channel.

MESH brought these steps to life in a recent campaign for Belgard, “Make Outside Your Kind of Beautiful.” View the case study here.