Stephen Knight

Senior Copywriter

As a Copywriter and Creative Strategist, Stephen finds the perfect balance between developing a brand's message as well as identifying the “why” behind that message. His days are fueled by a large cup of (often reheated) black coffee and collaborative brainstorming sessions as he seeks creative solutions to brand problems. Stephen’s light-hearted wit and impromptu outbursts of song make him an energetic force to power every day.

Stephen received a B.A. in Advertising from Louisiana State University where he gained valuable experience working with national brands, namely Pizza Hut (as a part of LSU’s nationally ranked advertising competition team) and LSU Athletics. During his time at MESH, he’s helped craft the stories of brands in nearly every industry, including clients such as EFCU Financial, Investar Bank, Visit Baton Rouge, LSU, The Mississippi Aquarium and Baton Rouge Physical Therapy.

Outside of the office, Stephen trades in creating stories for becoming fully absorbed in them. From learning spells at Hogwarts to taking up arms in defense of the Rebel Alliance, immersing himself in story-driven content is what inspires and energizes him to create.