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Noah Boudreaux

Chief Operating Officer

Leading teams to be their absolute best – a motto of our Chief Operating Officer Noah Boudreaux, who leverages his two decades of experience to better align business with marketing and digital transformation. While Noah oversees the end-to-end operations at MESH, he prioritizes the customer experience and embraces a unique leadership style to inspire best-in-class results.

Noah brings a rounded perspective to the company and the customers we serve by tapping into knowledge from a variety of industry and technology settings. He has consulted, led, and worked with numerous organizations – ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to small/mid-size businesses. His ability to communicate across organizational barriers has helped Noah consistently achieve tangible results. Over the last 12 years, Noah has served in top executive roles at REV (EATEL), VENYU and Sparkhound, building strategies that fostered growth and culture.

As a recognized thought leader, Noah regularly shares his insights on technology and business trends with others through keynotes and on-line. His nuanced views on our changing digital world give a different perspective on what the future may hold. Translating complex topics in creative ways is a skill he embraces, as he continually builds engagement with executives, employees, and audiences alike.