Cody Montefusco

Graphic Designer

All the way from Mississippi, we introduce to you, Cody Montefusco.

Cody joined MESH in February of 2019 after graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree emphasizing in graphic design. His strong, clean and geometric art style has captured the eyes and hearts of many clients and locals such as the staircase mural design for Visit Baton Rouge (see here). His passion for design lies mainly in logo design, branding and printmaking. Though he is quiet in nature, Cody’s colleagues would describe him as organized, funny and a little sassy.

Cody fits right into MESH’s quirky work culture, and if you could see his desk, you would agree. His work space is decorated with Star Wars paraphernalia, ceramics, and what he describes as “creepy” hands. When he is not fully focused on creating content and drowning out the outside world with a pair of large headphones, Cody enjoys watching movies, playing basketball and making original prints of his work.