Stop Asking “Should I Still Advertise on Facebook?”

Clearing Up Common Misconceptions of Facebook Advertising

Since the dawn of time—or lovingly known as 2004–Facebook has dominated social media platforms. And in recent years, advertising on the widely-used platform has been a staple in social media strategy with increasing benefits for companies.

But with the rise of new apps in the social-sphere, advertising on Facebook is just outdated… right?

Not Exactly. Enter this blog that we’ve written to clear up some common misconceptions about Facebook Advertising. Once you see why Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for advertising and how it can help your brand better connect with audiences, you’ll never want to turn back.

Misconception #1

No one is even on Facebook anymore. It’s not worth advertising there.

Sure, it may seem like everyone is on TikTok these days, but Facebook still houses more than 2.8 billion active users, leading as the most used social media platform with the largest active audience. Facebook is still considered the best social media platform for ROI, and with competitors utilizing the platform, avoiding Facebook Advertising could drive your audience away from your brand.

Misconception #2

Facebook advertising is expensive, and my money is better spent elsewhere.

Its inexpensive nature and reach across platforms makes Facebook one of the most well-developed and customizable platforms for advertising. Depending on your needs, paid ads could cost anywhere from 70 cents to $10 per click. And since Facebook owns a variety of the most popular social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram and an extensive digital display Audience Network, your brand can reach users wherever they’re active for as little as $1 a day.

Misconception #3

I need more than just likes on my posts, and Facebook doesn’t let me drive leads or conversions.

Nearly two out of every three active social media users are active on Facebook, so if you’re looking to increase interactions, grow your presence, engage with consumers, or all of the above, Facebook is essential to building your company’s social strategy. With a strong marketing push and the know-how to effectively create ads using the integrated CTA functions, you can tailor your Facebook ads to your specific campaign goals to increase awareness and engagement, attract leads and, ultimately, convert users to consumers.

Misconception #4

Facebook targeting is broken due to iOS privacy updates.

It’s true, Apple’s recent privacy changes have had an impact on targeting, but you can still control who sees your content on Facebook. Although Facebook Advertising targets users by relevancy, it offers a large collection of detailed data from its users, so you can filter audiences and platforms within your campaigns and target competitors’ audiences. You can also use targeting expansion features and A/B tests with multiple audiences to improve ad efficiency. At the end of the day, your ads are still highly measurable, and advertising on Facebook means you still have the flexibility to further your brand’s reach.

Misconception #5

It’s not worth paying for advertising on Facebook when I can just create posts for free.

For years organic reach has been on a downward trend, averaging about 5.5% of your follower count. But the good news is, one of the many benefits of Facebook Advertising is its ability to support your brand’s organic social media strategy. Boosting organic content is always a good option, but Facebook also gives you versatility in creating ads—including static photos, stories, carousel ads and Messenger ads—to reach different types of audiences. When it comes down to it, Facebook favors paid content, so any dollar amount backing your ads will help your brand go further on the platform.

Despite what you might’ve been thinking before reading this, Facebook can take your digital strategy to the next level. So, if you find yourself asking “should i still advertise on Facebook” again, our answer is still “yes!”