MESH Got Moves

by Taylor Bennett

Our company started with two employees working out of a tiny office space in 2003. Since then, our team has grown, our business has multiplied, our MESH method has been perfected and finally, we have outgrown our office. What step did we take to rectify this problem? Well, we took a couple steps… Around the corner to 7924 Wrenwood Blvd.

While accommodating our growing team of 13 members, we realized that our space could no longer fit all of our big ideas. We squeezed as many desks as we could into our offices, but now we have to say farewell to our small, but cozy cabin at 7912.

Our office is more than just a space where we come to work and sit at our desks each and every day. It’s a creative and collaborative hub where our award-winning ideas are born and tweaked to perfection. It’s the physical representation of MESH – and that’s why we decided to move to an office space that will more adequately meet our needs, whether it be a larger conference room or separate male and female bathrooms, or as our realtor said, “no more war of the lids.”

An inviting reception area complete with comfortable seating greets you at the door. Monday morning production meetings, brainstorm sessions and client meetings are now held in a large conference room enclosed by glass walls. Individual offices reflect the prowess of each of our account executives, and a large,open space adorned with our employees’ favorite MESH work, past and present, houses our creative and digital team. Did we mention there’s a street-side balcony for morning coffee breaks and Friday afternoon libations? We’re also entertaining the idea of a new hammock to help draw out our inner-creative as we brainstorm (at least that’s what we’re telling the boss).

While we think we’ll keep our day jobs, this project has been a fun and exciting one for everyone at MESH as we’ve brainstormed and pled our cases for different office décor. Final decisions were made, and we’re extremely excited for the burst of creativity our team will no doubt experience in our new environment. We cannot wait to introduce our clients and friends to the new and improved office space – hammock or no hammock.