Ask for PROOF. Agency Impostors Beware.

In the past several years there has been an unfortunate number of agencies making false claims about who their clients are, the process they will take you through, and what you will get in the end. In a state of desperation, some folks seem to be gravitating toward these companies.

You’ll see a big name, brand, or logo on a website and think, “If they can do it for them, surely they can help me,” only to find out instead of working for Coke®, they just really like high doses of caffeine and sugar. In reality, these agencies may have done a one-off for a client where Coke® was a sponsor, but when it comes to the giant itself, don’t even know the number to the corporate office.

Helpful hints in determining impostors:

  • Look at their work. If you can’t find the brand in their online portfolio or have them show it when asked, chances are-they’re busted.
  • Ask for a case study. This is a great way to determine not only if that client is part of their mix, but also will give you an indication of the results they may garner on your account.
  • Ask for references. I am amazed at how many times we don’t get asked about this when we land a sizable account. Would you hire an architect or a builder without a reference?

The fact is, marketing and advertising when done right is not cheap and in practice, you should always be asking yourself, “What is my ROI on this?,” and “Will this person sitting across from me really care about my success?”