Eddies tore

The Evolution of the SeaBQ (Eddie’s)

Well, hey there! Why don’t you come on in and sit a spell while I tell you a story. Alittle barbeque joint called Eddie’s – maybe you’ve heard of it – came to pay us a visit. Turns out they’d been looking for a wayto become a namethat families love. They know how to whip up a mess of real good barbeque and seafood but they felt like their brand just wasn’t holding any water. Too many holes in their bucket, I reckon.

Our job was totransform Eddie’s into one of them places you go when you’re looking for a nice eveningwith the missus and the young’uns. But taking a brand that has years of heritage and changing it up? Well, that don’t sit too well with somefolks. So we had to take that richSouthern history and add a dash of secretdesign sauce and see what we could cook up.And what we cooked up, you just ain’t ready for.

Here’s how it all started. Once upon a time, there was this old pig farmer from Alexandria – right smack in the heart of Louisiana. He was knownfor his famous wood-smoked barbeque – won all the contests at the local fairs and such. Anyway, one day hewas ridin’ along in his pickup truck haulin’ a bunch o’ pigs down to the market when one of them pigs up and fell out the back o’ the truck and tumbled down a hill right into Buhlow lake. That pig started a swimmin’ but – you know pigs – it was strugglin’ to stay afloat. Legend has it, a fish in the lake had pity on the ol’ fella and saved its life! Taught him how to swim, how to breathe under water and before long, the two had gone and fallen in love. Shortly, the world’s very first pigfish was born – we affectionately refer to it as the SeaBQ.

That, my friends, is where Eddie’s got its start – a little bit o’ land, a little bit o’ sea and boom! You got yourself an Eddie’s Smokehouse andSeafood.At least… that’s the story we made up over a burger and fries at Dearman’s.

One of the more challenging aspects of rebranding an established restaurant chain is to create a logo mark that’s fresh and current, yet feels somehow familiar and comforting to the customer – like an old friend who sports an attractive new look but is still the same person you’ve grown to know and love. In developing the new Eddie’s Smokehouse and Seafood logo, we sought to convey those qualities that embody our product, personality and culture –authentic Southern style barbeque and seafood… mouthwatering dishes served up by friendly, genuine people… flavorful food in a relaxed atmosphere that’s fun with the right touch of boldness.

Pairing textures that evoke the classic feel of the rustic smokehouse environment – butcher block wood tones, brown craft paper, distressed lettering – with a bold red, cast iron black and contrasting chalk white, the new logo conveys Eddie’s unique character in a manner that’s clean and easy-to-read.

Mmm… smell that?

That’s mighty fine barbeque. And that, y’all, is Eddie’s Smokehouse and Seafood. So if you’re ready to spread the wood-smoked gospel of goodness and a little extra sauce on your barbeque, first things first – you sure as heck need to know what they’re about. This is the WHAT of who they are. Their core identity. That one, all-important, all-powerful, “Big Idea”. Above all else, it’s the focal point of the Eddie’s Smokehouse and Seafood brand. Commit it to your memory and your heart. So what is their brand essence? Well, it goes a little sumpthin’ like this… Real good barbeque served up by real friendly people. Relaxed, fun…and just the right touch of boldness.

Accent? What accent?

The Eddie’s Smokehouse and Seafood’s voice is a reflection of our people. It’s always inviting, it’s fun and familiar, it’s friendly and straightforward. And yes, it definitely has a southern accent that hails from the heart of Louisiana. Sure, we crack jokes and tell stories, but our priority is consistently serving up great food in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

Pssst… wanna knowEddie’s secret ingredient?

No secret, really – it’s their people. Because along with serving up some seriously mouthwatering barbeque, Eddie’s Smokehouse and Seafood is a place that folks just like being part of – and that’s due in no small part to their great team. We believe that, while cooking is their passion, the amazing ladies and gentlemen who help make it happen are their priority. So next time you stop in for a plate, give ‘em a friendly fist bump. Our apologies in advance if you get extra sauce on your knuckles.