Gabby Furniture

The Art of Storytelling

by Taylor Bennett

How storytelling reinvented the way people see furniture.

During a time when face-to-face interaction has been limited, stories can communicate brand messages with powerful persuasion. More than ever, it’s crucial for brands to make connections, and storytelling through creative brings specific, emotional messages to reinvigorate the brand experience for your audience.

As an agency, we’ve told stories that have completely transformed the way that consumers see and engage with our clients.

Working with Summer Classics Home, an indoor and outdoor furniture brand housing Summer Classics and Gabby Home across the South, we were challenged with making lasting connections with customers in a time when connecting is more difficult than ever. So, we reinvented the way people see furniture by determining a soulfully authentic tone and showing Gabby Home’s “why” through the care and craftsmanship that goes into making the perfect Gabby piece. The brand deserved the same attention to detail and art direction in telling their story that they put into creating and upholstering furniture. Combined with the use of intentional, choreographed visuals and soft, ambient voice over, we achieved an impactful story for the brand.

By sharing the creativity and craftsmanship behind Gabby Home’s upholstery line, we brought a new perspective that highlights the quality of the product and the people behind.

Gabby and Summer Classics took to video in a time when retail was challenged by Covid-19. This example is part of a series of brand videos, virtual tour videos showcasing the new 2021 collections and craftsman videos for the two brands. Using storytelling and technology in unique and creative ways has not only kept the brand in front of their customers, but the brand has discovered a new way to promote their story and product, while making more meaningful connections with their customers.

Courageous brands make connections.