Setting the Table

A quality chef knows you eat with your eyes. That’s why Beausoleil’s Chef Nathan Gresham and general manager Jeff Conaway looked to MESH for help in “setting the table” so to speak, and translating their culinary concept into a cohesive visual brand identity that effectively communicates the critically acclaimed restaurant’s fresh take on locally sourced dishes in the French bistro tradition.

Offering “French comfort food with Southern flair,” Chef Nathan has crafted his menu around an array of exciting offerings such as fresh mussels, risotto and house-made gnocchi and braised rabbit; complemented by hearty flavors like chorizo and spicy jumbo lump crab cakes. With their unique and innovative fare, the Bocage Village eatery is giving Baton Rouge diners the opportunity to experience something that, until now, they’ve had to hop a plane for: authentic, European-style bistro dining.

Using Beausoleil’s already established logo mark as our starting point, MESH developed a complimenting visual identity, selecting typefaces and color palettes as well as designing a series of graphic icons that convey to diners the variety of fresh, locally-sourced produce, meats, dairy products, and other ingredients Beausoleil incorporates in their dishes.

The revamped brand identity was initially implemented in the dining room “essentials” — the menu, wine and drink list, table toppers — even switching out the formal air of white linen tablecloths for the more earthy and eclectic feel of brown craft paper. And while Chef Nathan’s amazing cuisine is certainly the center of attention – customers seem to be eating up Beausoleil’s new look as well. But MESH’s involvement doesn’t end there. A coordinated strategic marketing plan incorporating social media, outdoor advertising, and public relations is helping to realize Nathan and Jeff’s goal of not only keeping their existing clientele, but increasing new customer traffic and the breadth of the restaurant’s demographic appeal.

The proof is in the pudding…er, numbers: an average overall sales increase of 15% within the first three months of implementation…a 12% increase in Constant Contact subscribers since the campaign launched, with an average 49% email open rate, compared to the industry standard of 6%…a 100% increase in UrbanSpoon votes with a 54% increase in reviews. While the taste of success is awfully good, we’re not going to put it up against Nathan’s incredible braised leg of rabbit and stewed mustard greens with Dijon mustard cream. But hey, that’s why we’re the strategists and he’s the chef.