Sakrete: Repositioning a Heritage Brand

When you need concrete that’s sure to get the job done right every time, there’s only one brand characterized by a successful history and primed for innovation. That brand is Sakrete.

As the company that started the bagged concrete category, Sakrete has inspired a loyal group of consumers who know that solid projects always [and only] start with Sakrete. Sakrete has been trusted by generations to make products that are solid, enduring and backed by a commitment to quality.

However, as they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery, and when you’re a brand as reliable as Sakrete imitation is to be expected! With new brands constantly entering the market, this pioneer company needed to reintroduce a bold new look and reclaim their position as the leader in the bagged concrete category. To reestablish Sakrete as the leader of this category and cut through the clutter of a growing market, we needed to create a campaign that communicates what truly distinguishes Sakrete from the competition: its rock solid history and confidence to get the job done right.

We developed brand standards for Sakrete that refreshed its look and matched the qualities that set it apart. Next it was our turn to reposition the brand. We created a campaign that goes beyond simply promoting these brand attributes, and connects with the consumers by reinforcing how Sakrete’s quality and history applies directly to their projects. Our goal was to reintroduce the brand and reinforce why, on every project, Sakrete is the only way to get the job done the right way.

The “Rip Open a Bag of Confidence” campaign does just that, making Sakrete synonymous with the type of confidence only their products can provide. The empowering call to action drives awareness to the re-energized brand and inspires consumers to tackle any job with confidence. We applied that same inspiration to a trade show video that blends Sakrete’s new visual identity with the brand’s 80 years of experience in the concrete industry.

At the World of Concrete Convention in Las Vegas, we introduced their new brand by expanding on this historical expertise with a refreshed “Rip Open A Bag of Confidence” mantra, suited for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. We designed a 60×60 Sakrete booth for the trade show that featured the history of the brand through a powerful visual and verbal timeline. With our help, Sakrete products have transitioned from their historical use in construction projects to innovative and even artistic application to pots, fountains and kitchens.

With our campaign, we’ve established Sakrete as the only choice for beginners and professionals who agree: solid projects start with Sakrete.