Our Friends are Basically from Star Wars (EATEL)

The last few months have been a whirlwind of product launches overin Ascension and Livingston Parish for EATEL. In business for 80 years, they’re the company that built the local phone system and more recently the 100% all-fiber network.

Today they’re still one of the most innovative communication companies in the area, proven by their latest sci-fi-esque product drops which we’ve had the absolute privilegeof working on.

One wasclose to home.

Just a couple of months ago,we introducedEATEL |HomeIQ, a Smart Home Security Systemthat gives you complete control over your home including (but certainly not limited to)door locks, video monitoring and thermostat control all from your mobile phone. Kids home early from school? Unlock the back door andmake sure theygetin safely using your security cameras from your smartphone at work.Leaving for the weekend but forgot to leave the porch light on? Flip the switch on your mobile device from the airport.Automate your peace of mind.

The other, out of this world.

Just this week, we unveiled another brilliant product that is paving the way for a faster, more connected future. EATEL | GIG brings internet speeds up to one gigabyte per second to your home! To give you an idea of how unbelievably fast this is, it’s about 10X the speed of your typical High-Speed Internet. This means you can download a full-length HD movie in 7 seconds, play video games with zero lag time and connect multiple high-bandwidth devices at once without slowing down performance. Crazy… we know.