MESH Website Redesign

Today we launched our new site! It looks back at our roots and blends tradition with exploration to seamlessly illustrate whatwe’re becoming.

MESH has long since been a leader in creative work — we believe our old website represented that and still stands strong today. But the challenge of keeping it updated was becoming increasingly burdensome as we began growing at a rapid pace over the last two years. It was also quite clear that the design was slightly outdated; we needed something more streamlined and sleek that still retained an edge of quirky. So we set out to rework it from the ground up. Our goals were:

  1. Focus on the work.
  2. Keep the Call to Action available, obvious and easy.
  3. Choose an easy-to-use CMS that allowsanyone on our team to update the site.
  4. Infuse the site with a bit more of our brand personality.

After putting our goals down on (digital) paper, we startedsketching drafts upon drafts of the design (on real paper) to get a feel for how items should be displayed. We knew we wanted to make the user experience as seamless as possible.Once we felt like our sketches were heading in the right direction, we began to design out the user interface in Photoshop to solidify the design elements and potential interactions/animations before developing it.The .psd files got translated into code and then the real work began. We had three of our designers pulling work from our archives, resizing for web, mocking up comps, and culling down the work to only the best.

The result of this hard work is what we’re excited to present to you today! A site made for our clients.

Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see, or anything we missed — this site is for you.So grab a cup o’ Joe and click around for a bit. We’re glad to have you =)


—The MESH Team