The New LWCC – The Way Web Is Supposed To Look

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation (LWCC)is a private, nonprofit mutual insurance company that understands the unique needs of Louisiana businesses and their employees. Since 1992, LWCC has been committed to meeting these needs by providing superior insurance coverage and a full range of services for policyholders. Likewise, MESH was committed to meeting LWCC’s website revitalization needs. We’re proud to present the completely redesigned and reorganized

The responsive design allows to retain its original design and ensures that the site will be easy to read on all of your devices. No more incessant zooming and scrolling necessary!

We’ve included several interactive features to ease navigation: visitors can find an agent by name, city or zip code and watch exclusive webinars on workers’ compensation related topics, while policyholders can report a claim or report fraud through LWCC Interactive.With the all-new, policyholders can easily find all of the information they need quickly and efficiently.

For 22 years, LWCC has lived up to its motto, “The way workers’ comp is supposed to work.” Now, MESH has given them a website that stands behind this motto as well.