If These Walls Could Talk (Lipsey’s)

Lipsey’sisone of the largest independently owned, single location firearm distributors in the country. With a rich history spanning more than 60 years, the company remains a family-run business today. MESH began to collaborate with Lipsey’s in 2013, tasked with the creation of a more modern logo design. From there, we moved to revamping their social media presence to increase brand awareness and enhance relationships with both dealers and customers.

When Lipsey’s moved to a new location earlier this month, they envisioned environmental graphic installations reflective of the company’s history and beliefs.

That’s when they turned to MESH. From the beginning, we had a few goals in mind…To tell the Lipsey’s story on a wall, not just a sheet of paper. To creatively display over half a century of history related to this family-owned Louisiana institution. To impress visitors from the moment they walk in the door and to motivate employees on a daily basis.

Below is what our team came up with. Metal, glass, plastic – we did it all, and now the iconic polar bear in the Lipsey’s atrium is no longer the only eye-catching element.

Main entrance atrium with a wall timeline installation featuring over half a century of Lipsey’s history.
The main call center is surrounded by display walls with motivational themes.
The conference and training room entrance features custom cut and engraved metal.
Interior of the conference room with custom metal artwork as the focal point.
Custom metalwork surrounds an optical scope, allowing people to get a glimpse at the inside of the photo lab on the other side of the wall.
A media display wall consisting of a custom metal rod system displays magazine features on acrylic glass to passers-by.
This employee lounge display wall is inspired by a term familiar to many gun enthusiasts, referring to a device added on to the end of a gun’s barrel.
‍‍Hallway exhibit showcasing the unique historical viewpoint of Richard Lipsey, who as an Army first lieutenant was a first-hand witness to the events immediately following JFK’s assassination.