Where Creativity and Consulting Collide

by Taylor Bennett

Every organization has at least three groups they need to address through communication–their customers, their staff and their potential customers and staff. In the past, companies have kept these factions separated; bringing in business consultants to work on internal messaging (mission/vision/values) and a creative agency to develop external messaging aimed at attracting new customers, keeping current customers and bringing in new employees.

The worlds have collided. Theoretically this is a good thing. Having the same group develop your mission, vision and culture also develop your external messaging and all the creative tactics associated with your business should work. What is the key ingredient to the successful union of these tasks? The answer: Talent. Having business consultants on staff with a great dealof business experience and/or MBA knowledge combined with a group of wildly creative, free thinking staff that have spent their whole lives “being a little different” is a great start.

The other key factor is leadership. Both of these groups need effective mentorship and thoughtful guidance. Creative agencies are built to bring clients ideas that will help transform a current way of thought about their brand. This process often leads to the client being led just a little (or a lot) outside of their comfort zone because creative agencies by nature are intentionally designed to push the envelope. If the creative is developed with a carefully considered strategy, business growth is inevitable. You’re in better shape if that content or creative can make you smile, laugh, get angry or tear up. Ultimately, communication is only effective if it creates an emotional connection.

When choosing an organization to work with on your communication efforts, seek out one with business and creative-minded leadership supporting business and creative-minded talent. Doing so leads to work that will take your business beyond.