An ad resize…the ins and outs.

by Taylor Bennett

Would the Mona Lisa be a masterpiece if her canvas were stretched a few inches wider? She’d be some regular, fat lady with oval eyes and a smirk hanging in a bathroom somewhere. Stretching/shrinking causes words to look awkward, people to look odd, proportional spacing becomes disproportionate, and the whole look is off. Most importantly, it looks unprofessional.

Before I took on this job at MESH, I did some (what I thought, at the time, was high level) design for my church. I would open Photoshop and use some fancy filters, add drop shadows, then import that image into Illustrator with some more fine tuning and voila! A graphic!

That was B.M. (BeforeMESH). When I watch the time and effort (and creativity) that goes into each piece of “art” created in this office, I am dumbfounded. The keyboard and mouse to our designers are the brushes and canvas to DiVinci. Each masterfully evolved piece consists of dozens of layers to create a canvas of textures, depth, and illusions (I’ve even seen them make fireflies dance out of a book) to grab the eye and draw it in.

With this level of richness imparted to each masterpiece (ad, logo, brochure, website…or whatever), you can imagine that there is complexity to change its size. Some think (yes, maybe it was me at one time), you could stretch the corners to make it larger or shrink them to reduce the size. Some might find that acceptable, but not MESH.

Our goal is to make you look professional. You need a resize, we go the nine yards. We open your file and look at all the layers. We see where things need to be moved, where text will need to break differently, where shadows might need to be changed. Line sizes might require thickening or thinning based on the new dimensions; graphics require adjustments to fit the new size; and, font sizes might need adjusting. Last, we need to make sure your logo or call to action is still the feature – and sometimes it needs to be moved.

This takes time. Although we can always handle a rush job, we encourage you to review your media plans with us in advance. Then we can help you stay ahead of the curve and on schedule. Even better is for us to work with you and create a marketing plan. Then we can create attention-getting material targeted specifically at your customers, thus making your marketing dollars more productive.

When we work together, your goals become our goals. Together we MESH.