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The Shift in Media is Far from Over

by Taylor Bennett

Every day there is a new emerging media entering the market. Publications are going from print to online and now peer to peer content. Broadcast has rapidly moved from TV to digital platforms, like Over the Top and digital content marketing. Outdoor advertising is positioned the same as on screen digital display. Social, behavioral and contextual targeting are merging and experiential tactics are shifting from physical spaces to digital spaces. Live video usage, via platforms like Facebook Live, is expected to increase 15-fold by 2021 (Cisco). News articles and pitched stories, once earned for brands by public relations professionals, are published in real time through social media or as paid sponsored content. However one constant remains despite this ongoing change—media outlets are converging through technology.

Last year I spoke with several executives at a large international media company and they confessed that it is hard for even them to keep up with the ever-changing landscape. At MESH, we view this ongoing evolution as an opportunity for brands. Let me explain.

First, the brand position has never been more critical. Defining and sticking with a single idea for the brand, tagline and the visual identity allows for a consistent relationship between a brand and its audience and the media it is presented in.

Second, we have the opportunity to evolve this brand position into a branded content library of video and still assets that allow for ever changing content development (both paid and non-paid). Blending this idea of written and visual branded content with the traditional marketing campaign—which drives traffic, calls to action and SELLS product and services—helps the audience develop a relationship with the brand. When it comes time to “sell’ through advertising, a brand’s loyal following will be less guarded and more open to it. Consistency and content is king.

Lastly, getting creative with other traditional efforts further supports this strategy, such as using earned media articles through PR efforts and repurposing them into videos, blogs, and social content. And some platforms, such as digital, give us a value-add into consumer insights and personas, with voice, AR, and VR driving consumer engagement and pushing media even further.

How can brands keep up with this ongoing shift? Develop a brand position, be flexible, embrace new technology, and create premium, consistent branded content. You’ll end up developing the right story and media mix for your audiences and thriving in this age of on-demand media.