MESH Takes it Personal

These days — with so much of the business of printing done via email correspondence, PDF proofs, file uploads to ftp servers, followed by packages of printed materials showing up at the reception desk via express courier — it’s easy to lose sight of the integral role that the people who regularly service the customers play in making the process run smoothly and the results everything you’d hoped for. When Baton Rouge Printing (BRP) sought to create a marketing campaign reemphasizing the importance of personal relationships in a digital world, MESH understood exactly where they were coming from.

Being longtime BRP customers ourselves, we know firsthand how essential our own customer service representative is to bringing MESH’s print projects to life and ultimately ensuring that our clients are happy campers when the finished product is delivered.

As the centerpiece of the campaign’s creative strategy, our concept involved taking the idea of a personal business relationship, or quality “face time,” to an entirely new level of engagement. Beginning with bold, line-art style illustrations, we depicted each of the principal BRP customer contacts, including company president Kevin Bankston, in grand fashion, creating large-scale 19” x 27” posters emphasizing their respective visages in a fun, almost pop art context. The individual personalities of each salesperson were reflected in the colorful graphics, type treatments, and the humorously descriptive biography copy unique to each. Our unanimous selection for the campaign’s overarching tagline? “It’s Personal!”

In addition, Baton Rouge Printing aimed to show potential clients and current customers alike that in a world where websites and streaming video capture viewer attention, the printed page can still be an extremely engaging and interesting medium. In order to do this, they gave us wide latitude in designing the pieces, allowing us to creatively utilize alternative inks, spot varnishes and custom die cuts.

The posters were subsequently mailed out to BRP business prospects along with letters of introduction and additional capabilities / services information. All in all, it was an effective – and visually entertaining – strategy for getting “a-head” (Please, groan at your leisure) in what is a highly competitive business environment.